I know most will say palomino, but is the valve king really much worse? they are the same price, i am looking to buy used because of my budget and i am having trouble finding a used palomino. speaker size is not that important to me, because i just want to play in my room and im sure both will be loud enough.
the valve king sounds muddy because of the fact it has an open back.

Go for the crate or an epiphone valve junior. And dont worry about volume they are really loud
i love my palomino

its reaaally loud though
but it sounds amazing

would a valve junior combo be better than the valve king? I can't afford the half stack, and right now, i can't find a used palomino v8 because the new one is also not in my budget.

what do you mean it sounds muddy? is it that bad?
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I think I've offered help in five or six of your 5W amp threads. I'm done. It's ridiculous at this point.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.