So I've been trying to sing with Jeff Buckley being an influence in my singing.
I dubbed my voice next to Jeff on the song halelujah.

I didn't re do the song because i don't have a capo. But if you guys think i should i'll get off my lazy ass and get one. Critique on my voice is greatly appreciated. Crit for crit

The link: myspace.com/altruisticmusic
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The echo doesn't help but, ummm, I would say you did quite well, bit wavery on the voice though.

Excellent choice of vocal coach. Yes, you can hit the notes. It's a bit hard to hear your part, and there is some crazy tremolo effect thing going on, but it seemed fine overall.

Go right ahead and buy a capo. They are cheap and very valuable.

I haven't tried it, but here's a tab that doesn't require a capo:
Hi! Crit for crit right?

Well this is a beautiful song and your beautiful voice really does justice to it.. No complaints about it whatsoever! Your voice is different from Jeff's but it sounds just as sensitive and emotional.. good job!

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