I might join this jazz band at school. It's a bunch of people meeting in the band hall and playing jazz stuff. They want me to be the electric guitarist. Since they're band kids, they're going to be using sheet music, not tabs. I can read music fine, it's just that I haven't done it in quite a while and I don't want to look like and idiot. The first meeting is tomorrow.Anyone have any advice or anything that can help me?
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its really not that hard, i used to play random chords other than solos then i switched to bass, wise move
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Jazz is not meant to be played with sheet music.

Jazz comes from the soul.

And a helluva lot of talent.
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Do it. Jazz Band's a lot of fun. And you'll get the hang of reading music real quick. Its probably just a matter of refreshing yourself, and probably just after the first meeting youll be good