... That someone has recently taken it upon themself to spam our boards with shock images. The mod team is working to deal with this problem. Until the issue is properly dealt with, please refrain from making any threads acknowledging this spamming.

All you're doing by posting a thread like that is "feeding the troll". Not to mention giving us mods one more set of posts to deal with.

Your cooperation is much appreciated!

+++ Any thread acknowledging the aforementioned issues will result in a warning.


You can disable images in posts if you don't want to see shock images:

User Control Panel > Edit options > [Uncheck "Show Images in Posts"]

By doing this, you will instead see a url in place of an image. You're still able to see any image, simply by clicking the image link.

To clear something up: I've had people asking me if they're still allowed to post images in threads. You are allowed to do this. All I am asking for is an end to threads discussing the spamming of the boards.
D E N V E R B R O N C O S vs. S E A T T L E S E A H A W K S
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