So, any Hives fans out there, what'd you think of the new album? I'm kinda torn, personally. I really, reeeally liked their slightly older stuff (Veni Vidi Vicious, Tyrannosaurus Hives) and the new deviations from the classic Hives formula aren't completely welcome with me. Some stuff ended up really cool (the first few tracks had me pretty impressed) but I thought it went a little dull later on.
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i got it and i think it's an extremely awesome album, it's more complex than a lot of the stuff in the past, and that could be the distinction between the difference in sound. Tracks like Tick Tick Boom and T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S. are incredible. I had the pleasure of seeing them live last week and they were better than ever, and the new songs had to be some of the best live songs i've ever heard. The Hives are a phenomenal band
I was REALLY excited about the new album since I've been a huge huge fan of their previous stuffs... god, I don't know HOW many hours total I've had repeat on veni vidi and tyrannosaurus hives... and I thought they would make another great album that was going in the same direction as their previous albums, since they've always been sticking to this bad ass garage rock trashy style, but no no no, now they've to make some other bull****. Sure, the first few songs were okay, but after a while the whole album became pretty... dull, as you put it.
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Barley Legal and Veni Vidi Vicious are their best releases. They were at their peek with VVV, in my opinion.
It's an amazing album, and like most great albums it does need to grow on you. There's some which you think they're okay, and some which you don't like, then once you know the song well you just end up loving it.

Worst song is a stroll....corridor, a bit dull but i doubt it's supposed to be anyone's favourite really, and on a 15 album track you tolerate something like that.
T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S is a bit poor, but it does grow on you. What annoys me is that I read they wrote/recorded 30 songs and then just got friends to choose which to go on, so I'm looking forward to some good B-sides. I keep reading negatve reviews, and I just keep thinking that they haven't given it long enough to grow on them, songs which you like straight away get boring. It's the best single album, but it's not the 15 best songs that they have done.

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