So me and a couple of my friends want to find out what song this is... its by primus, and at some point in the song Les claypool says "Go Lar", Larry LaLonde playes like a 5 second solo, and claypool says "Thanks Lar". Anyone know what song this is???
"Sgt. Pilcher"
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sweet, I was just going to correct that

Primus pwns all n00bs
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primus sucks
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primus sucks

*waits for people who don't get it to sike up*
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primus sucks


totally forgot what that was when I went to my first primus concert... I was like "wtf? " then I caught on....
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Thanks much, and i and i had no idea if it was Lur, Lar, Ler... but anyway, and yeah, Primus sucks, lets get a chant going!