I wrecked my newly acquired vehicle Monday, which was my birthday, and came very close to death. The roof was caved in below the driver's side head rest with the door on the same side jutting inward just below it. Somehow, I got out with only a small scrape on my back and some tender muscles in my shoulder. This is an account, I suppose, of my thoughts on what happened at the time, as well as some of the actual events.

A brush was all it took,
But even that was too close to Death.
The rainfall providing an apt soundtrack
As I took what could have been my last breath,
And all I could muster was a quiet "Damn."
Then that was swallowed by the downpour
Or maybe it was just the shock setting in
Still I can't find myself able to discern
How close I had really been

Can you feel the burn? It's racing through my shoulder
Can you hear the ring? It's echoing in my ear.
Do you know how lucky you are to be a day older?
Yes, but at this rate I don't know if I'll make a year.

Collecting what I wish to keep
I notice a window, still in one piece.
Then a rage comes up suddenly
And I make it match the rest of the debris
Seventeen to the day
How did this pass?
How did I live to say?
I'm to grateful to ask
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