i've been playing guitar for like 7 months now i play alot of metal but lately i've been wanted to play SKA and that kind of music but i dont nou wat kind of guitar should i get please help
PS: i have a jackson xl warrior could u play ska with that guitar???
Ska makes ugly in my ears
use any guitar that has a trebley tone
Strat on the treble pickups
I plays guitars.
I'd advise not getting a new guitar just because of an interest in a new style. Wait to see if you get ska-ed out. Getting a new guitar at 7 months isn't really worth it if it's just for a temporary interest.
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you can play ska on any guitar, wait til you've been playing for a few years and then buy a new fiddle. or crap if you have the money and an itch for a new ax go for it.
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