So for my second guitar I plan on getting a Jackson DKMGT. I tried it out at long and mcquade and it felt nice and sounded good too (except for the bad tone on the amp) but the thing is long and mcquade has the DKMG which has a floating bridge and the DKMGT is the same but without a floating bridge. So I was wondering if I should get the floating bridge or not. Also are they hard to change strings on or just take a long time.
if you want an FR and youl actually use it then get the DKMG if not DKMGT.

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You should be careful and make a good decision because having a floyd rose is just out of the question if you change tunings often. Also, if you cahnge different gauged strings, it's a pain, cause then you have to adjust the springs in the back. You'll get used to it, but you'll be wanting to have the string-thru body every time you change the strings. If you think you're actually going to make good use out of the tremolo, then get it.
It takes getting used to for sure. It does take a long time if you dont have any experience. With a floyd you also cant just change tuning when you feel like it, because it takes the entire guitar out of tune and you have to re-set it to the new tuning. It gives more felxibility, so you can play solos that have whammy dives and stuff and crazy dimebag pinch harmonics, but IMO floating tremolos are a serious hassle.
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