So i posted this here because the elctric forum ill probably have someone shouting out to buy a "uber cool" ltd or ibanez shred machine, so I figured since I want a hollow body for blues, it would be best to ask here.

I have no amp right now, Ill fix that after christmas when everything settles down.

Heres my options


Just basically play softer blues (mayer) and some more distorted tones (srv)..anyways thanks fellas..much appriciated
I'd say get the Agile. Unlike everyone else on UG with an opinion on Rondo guitars, I've actually been to their shop in Union NJ (when it was open to the public) and played a bunch of SX's and Agiles. I can say without any hesitation that Rondo's guitars are probably the best value in the industry today. I was so impressed with them I wound up going home with an SX 57' Strat copy when I wasnt even planning on buying anything. It feels and sounds better than most MIA Fender strats I've played.
yeah ive owned an sx strat which i had to sell, but i was very impressed, i have an agile 3000 series super strat right now that im going to sell..but yeah you definately get a great value with rondo
oh man if i had the money i totally would..anyone else have any suggestions or even other models similar in the price range
^your all over the place man lol..no i appriciate the advice, im torn between a strat and a hallowbody, budget wont be big enough for a MIA..i might check out some teles..its tough to choose lol
go strat, they are just so versatile and great to play.
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did anyone read the first post?

Out of those two, I'd take the agile - better features on paper, and a good reputation, less $$$ (you can put towards new electronics and a good setup - that'll make it a beast)
i bought a strat (agile) cause it was cheap, im going to buy the agile hollow body, i just really wanted a "beater" guitar..but i really dig hollow body'd guitars...thaks for the input Nick..that will be bought after christmas time, thanks man
Only one other consideration though - the agile has a 1 5/8 nut while the dot has 1 11/16

The difference is subtle but I have a very hard time playing 1 5/8 boards due to the width of my sausage fingers

If you already have an agile strat though you're probably used to the narrow nut anyway though so it shouldn't make a difference
Appriciate the advice man, ill look into that one a bit more, much appriciated