I see every single word that grazes my simple ears
And I break it down into colours and feelings,
I create worlds with each symbol and desire
To interact with these straight forward generations,
To give them desire, to bring them life.

Like smoke these worlds pertain to air
And nothing more.
Wide-eyed and masochistic they look at me,
And nothing more.

I’ve sat beneath evergreens with half-empty can
In my hands and filled it with tears
To pour out half of the effluent mixture
As a sacrifice for God, as a testament of faith,
And I’ve pissed on the water where He walks.

Like an unanswered prayer I condense in clouds
And nothing more,
No precipitation, no evaporation, just condensation
And nothing more.

I’ve decanted countless yearnings and hopeless speculations
Into the drunken ears of my fickle peers with their
Desperate sacrifice of green hills and hand-crafted
Ships and seen the smoke from their fires swallowed
With a gulp and mine encounter hallowed, pursed lips and bared teeth.

Like smoke these words pertain to air
And nothing more.
My words are like hot-boxed scores of anxiety
And nothing more.

I’ve watched these undeserving hands peruse
These unearthed notes from previous cognation
And use them for napkins, bits of disdain
And repression staining the slowly burning corners
Of wisdom and admission and acceptance.

Like pride and commercialism I reside in words
And nothing more;
Words and scripture blotted with ignorance,
And nothing more.
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