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Lets find out whats the average lenght of UG'ers middle fingers.

Meassure from the knuckle to the finger tip.
On your fingering hand.

Mine reaches past 11 cm.
probably about 4 inches or so.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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10 cm from the underside of the hand, where the finger meets the palm
11.5cm from the knuckle on the top part of the hand
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About as long as this thread is gonna last.

Just joking - its about 8.5cm.

But seriously,
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Mine is only bout 5.5cm... but thats understandable i guess... Im asian T_T... we're small in every area
----------------------------------------------------- That long.


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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that long
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^^yay made me lol all over myself

^About that long.
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- That Long from the palm (where finger meets palm anyway...). What do I win?

that long
My middle finger is 15 years long.
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- that long

omg same. hi-5!!
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about that long...

ok, w/e it's about 8 cm from my palm
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dude your guys middle fingers are tiny lol mine is
that long
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That long. Bitches.
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LOL reported

that small
Isn't it kind of pointless to use the lines because people use different monitors and resolutions?

I don't have a ruler but it's about 3½ frets from the nut of my LTD (24.75" scale). That's better, right?
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8.5cm from where finger meets palm
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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- about that long.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Long enough for my girlfriend... HA!

Anyways, since we seem to be going with the "---" that long approach

About 4.5 inches or if my 2.54 conversion from three years ago in math class is correct, 4.5*2.54= 11 cm
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that long

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Guys, you can't really measure it in ------ since people have different sized screens and resolutions...

That long from the knuckle

Its about 11cm
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