I just bought a rbx 375 yesterday.... The bass looks amazing and stylish but, the Strings except for the B-String looks very tight while tuning and is very difficult to play(I tuned in the standard concert pitch). I also tried to tune it to a lower octave, but in that case the strings become very loose and unplayable. Do you have any suggestion to overcome this or is it that these basses normally come with such high tension stings.... I want your suggestion on this.... Thanks

Tune down half a step?

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I have a 375 and have been playing Yamaha 4 and 5 strings for around 10 years now without any problem. I use flatwounds as a matter of choice but I dont think I ve ever considered any of my basses more difficult to play than any other brand. There may be something seriously wrong with yours. Suggest you let a good tech set it up for you or try changing your technique. Maybe even a change of strings.
are you using a 5 string set tuned BEADG or a 5 string set tuned EADGC?
if you have it tuned EADGC and have a normal five string set gauges about .125 to .45) then you need to switch it back to BEADG, you might be ruining the neck, how exactly do you have it tuned?

or look at how it's strung, the string might be sitting bad in the saddle, or stuck on something when you tuned it up, which made it tighter

or you could have cut the string way to short, and now its to tight to tune up to a b