I\'d like to find some locking rotos available for pruchase 1 at a time for my 7string rather than buy 2 sets.

I\'ve checked alot of the major parts places but I can\'t find single grovers. Anyone got any good info?

Never seen em sold individually. Only ones I see sold that way are gotoh and they are for left hand mounting.
Well crap.

Can anyone point me to a handy chart that shows the dimensions of different manufacturers pegs? I'd like to put locking tuners on my rig, but I don't have the resources to drill my headset (I'm in Iraq). I'm ok with doing a little tiny hole for the screw on the backplate but enlarging the actual hole on my headset. Screw that.

And of course, if anyone else can come up with a source for single rotos, that's be awesome. Thanks again.
Good luck with finding out what dimensions the company uses, I doubt they know most of the time. There is no sort of standardization in the guitar industry. Its what ever they have on hand today. Tomorrow it could be different. The companies that make tuners give the dimensions they use for their products, but there are 4 different sizes I think. So I dont know what to tell you. Just as there is no telling where the little screw on the back will go each company seems to put it in a different place. Or use a pin that again is in a different spot for each company.