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I play my guitar quite a bit, and from time to time my strings will pick up some dirt etc from my hands (especially the high E string). So far I've just been using a dry cloth to wipe them down from time to time, but I was wondering if there was something I could put on the cloth that would work better but which wouldn't damage the strings or especially the fretboard. I'm assuming something like rubbing alcohol would be bad for the fret board if it got on it?
wipe it down with a white t shirt (just the t shirt after playing)
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Fast Fret.
If you have it wherever you are.
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just get a soft dry cloth and that does the trick but if you relli want to clean them go on websites and look for cleaning fluids for it
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Fast Fret or Finger Ease will work ok, BUT...don't get any overspray onto other areas of the guitar. It could cause spotting that will be difficult to get rid of later. About the easiest thing I've found to use is a damp shamios(shammy). The little bit of moisture will evaporate very quickly and won't harm the guitar. Just make sure the shammy isn't soaking wet, just slightly damp. Be sure to wipe under the strings as that's where the majority of gunk will be.
You could put them in the washing machine but they change color. There also hard to put back on.
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