i tried out the new Line 6 Spider Valve amp the other day adn thought it was amazing. It's a mix of the electronic amp and the tube amp. Just wondeing what you gys thought.
I havn't been able to try, but the vast majority of reviews seem to more or less say that it's not amazing sounding and is really very overpriced- you can get a better amp for the same money.
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It's already been covered a few times now, you shoukd use the search bar.

It's also actually a very good amp, not to overpriced compared to some gear you'll buy.
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do not buy it, it´s hugely overpriced and you´ll end up with a tone that would be as plugging a cheap multifx into a nice valve amp. i have used the distortions on my multifx on my amp and it doesn´t soun any good at all!
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I liked it. Its not over priced ffs. People its a modeling amp. It has tubes in it. You can not deny it does more then anything else in its price range. All tube circuits are expensive, and having the modeling part of the preamp adds to the price. anyway yeah, this has been covered in depth.
not as bad as most here would have you believe. people were giving it a hell of a hard time. especially the distortion. and there i am thinking to myself "this is no worse than a dual recto." oh and i was surprised by how loud it could get too.
when my dad went to guitarcenter he said that a worker told him that the old ones were better than these new ones...
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Haven't tried it myself, but most reports about it would make you think that their Flextone SS amp sounds better for half the cost.
I've heard good and bad...

I'm surprised for the price they wouldn't of made it a Flextone or Vetta tube.
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dont get it dude. Its a waste of money. Its just like any line 6...you get totally pumped once you first play them, then you sit down and realize how ****ty they are. Its just a loud Spider III IMO. Get a Laney or Mesa combo dude. Run away from Line 6
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^That is so far from the truth I could cry.....

Line 6 is an awesome company, aside from the Spiders. The Vettas and Flextones are very nice sounding and versatile amps, while the POD XT is one of the best multi-effects out there. They also have a recording software thing (forgot what it's called) that's awesome, and their modulation effects are top notch. Just because a company has one series of crappy products (*cough*Marshall MG*cough*) DOES NOT mean that they suck.

*Deep breath* Back on topic, I have tried the Spider Valve, and I didn't like it. Sure, it was infinitely better than the all-digital ones, but the Flextone still sounded better, and cost less. So with this amp you're paying tons of money for tube hype and a little Bogner logo in the corner.
I should have specified the Vetta is nice and the Flextone is okay....but people keep buying spiders like ahlzheimers patients....everyones all "DONT DO IT!" then they agree how much they suck, yet buy one and bitch for a couple months.
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The thing you're all foregetting here though is that the flextone is not a tube amp and that is why i like the valve.
bought a spider valve today, and well everyones telling me their complete **** while i disagree. however i have 30 days to return mine but so far it seems like a fine amp to me. not to mention its damn loud.
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The thing you're all foregetting here though is that the flextone is not a tube amp and that is why i like the valve.

Why should you give a shit whether it's tube or solid state or digital if it sounds good???? Just because it's tube does not automatically make it "t3h aw3s0m3zz" The Flextone is better than the Spider valve. This is my opinion of course, and if you tried both you would have your own.

If you like the SV better than the Flextone, more power to you. If you went and bought the SV over the Flextone just because it was tube, you would be an idiot.
i got to give it a quick go today.. i wasn't too thrilled with it but i only tried it at low volume, which i know isn't optimal for tube amps.

i kinda found it sounded like it had a big wet blanket on top of it. sorta muffled and mushy..

ah well.

which ones pink has the right idea.. at the end of the day.. if you like your tone, does it really matter if its coming from a SS or a tube?
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