Can anyone tell me what this means, ie how to play it.

The seconds bar is where I have trouble (obviously)

It's part of the piano "solo" of Muse's butterflies and hurricanes.
Well, what specific part are you talking about?

The sextuplets, the trill, or how you're supposed to be playing the trill while holding down the D chord?
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whats the trouble? it it the tr~~~~~?
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I'm thinking it's the fact that you have to hold the D chord, play the trill and then a little while in start playing that semiquaver line, unless I'm reading it wrong (which is in fact quite likely)
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I don't even know what a trill is.
That would probably be the root of my problem. I don't do grades or anything I've just taught myself to play piano so my theory isn't exactly great

so yeah, I don't know what the tr~ means, or what that note is below it with the line through it.
Ok so you see the TR~~~~~~ etc thingy. Well theres a little (literally little) decoration note which is played really shortly (not actual timing it symbolizes) before you actually play the normal one. I think your supposed to play the thrill/tremolo with that note and the main one.

The decorative note is a Eb and the main note is D.

As for the sextuplets, they take the value of one beat (= 4 sixteenths) however in yrou case you need to play 6 (ill call them "sub-beats" (just like the sixteenths is to the "1 beat") within the one beat.

So your actually be playing 6 24th notes in 1 beat.

I'm a bad teacher I know, but I hope it helps....
Ah right.
So what hands recommended for this.

With my left hand I smack the Ds down and then am I supposed to use my right hand to play the tremelo/trill Eb and D whilst crossing my left hand over to play the F#, C, D and then continue as normal?
Oh Matt Bellamy. Thinks he's Frederic Chopin.

It looks like this piece is better suited for 2 pianos, 4 hands (a duet). There is no way one man can play this piece exactly as written unless he's the Hindu god Vishnu. You see how the first chord mano destra is supposed to be held for 4 beats, yet those notes are somehow played again in the quintuplet melody? Not possible on one piano, not to mention the massive hands you must have to reach three octaves of D's mano sinstra and still play a broken triad.

So you could try using the damper pedal, but this might give you a muddy sound and you may not like it. What I would do is change the low perfect octave to a sixteenth-note and the high triad to a quarter note. This way you can freely move your hands to play the melody.

Now, the second measure. Once again, change the perfect octave, but this time to to an eighth note. Make sure you come down hard on this. Then you'll trill, Eb to D with the left hand, play the melody with the right hand, then pick up the second note of the last sextuplet with your left hand.

Good luck.
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