can anyone tell me any good microphones or mic amps for under £50 in the uk?

thanks for any help
People need to stop being so vague when asking for things like this.

What are you going to use it for? Can you power a condenser mic?
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ill use it for gigging

no to the condenser wont need one

For gigging?
Under £50?
No point it won't be good enough, I would just use the house stuff.
For practice etc.
yes you can, on the clean channel, i do it all the time on my solid state amps, but i dunno how if it is recommended on tube amps?
only gigging mic worth getting is a Shure SM58.
Preamp will be on the mixer board and good enough for use with anything.

for guitar amps....they dont take well to mics
it will work if you adapt the XLR to phone but it wont sound good.......
its not for tube amps either.

What marshall micro are you talking about?
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what mic amps can u recomend

if you are running it into a powered speaker like a guitar amp you wont need any preamp.

usually preamps are built into mixer boards and so you don't have to buy those high priced separate units unless you want a top notch studio in your home...

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but have a look though "Tweaks Guide" in my sig.
im not recording its just practising and small gigs

wt are some good mic amps?
Quote by klbmanu
im not recording its just practising and small gigs

wt are some good mic amps?

first i need to know how you want to wire up this mic before i can tell you what you should buy.
As i said, if you are running this mic into a guitar amp you wont need a preamp in your setup...just a mic and a few adapters as the guitar amp is the preamp since its running though the guitar amp circuit.

Let me know the amp you plan to run this mic though.

the tweaks guide is good just for reading even if you don't plan on recording. theres sections that will let you know what some of the gear does and how to wire it all so i still suggest you go though it.
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actually ive tried that mic and was not happy with it.
I did also try this one:

the pop filter doesnt do much so you will get a lot of "plosives" but you can always use it with a good studio pop filter which is cheap ($20)

it works ok for vocals and has a switch and XLR lead.
when using it the preamp was lower than what i have it setup for with my Shure SM57 mic so it picks up your voice well.

any heavy input like yelling will cause both of these cheap mics to break up so be aware of that.

overall that mic pack is an ok start as it comes with a lot for the price but don't expect great sound from it...
im getting the shure pg58 and a stagg cable

are there any amps that are just for mics or wt guitar amp shud i get to run it through?
Quote by klbmanu
im getting the shure pg58 and a stagg cable

are there any amps that are just for mics or wt guitar amp shud i get to run it through?

Well its a start getting a shure mic but the PG series are not great...

as for an amp for mics, try a small PA setup:

PAs have an XLR input for mics and an on board preamp so its will work and sound a lot better than a guitar amp. You will have to spend a bit of money to get a PA system though...

in that link its ok if you dont plan on playing too loud. Any drums will overpower that easily though so be aware if you have drums and everything youll want about 100 watts of power minimum.

This is a little better start:

nice inputs and powered mixer. Just don't turn it too loud and blow out the amp or speakers.
Any cheap PA setup wont sound amazing but for practice at home its fine.
For guitar, use a shure SM57 cos they are made for recording instruments, vocal mics on amps sound crap.

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thanks for all the help

can you get amps just for mics or do you need a PA?

Im sure you could probably rig up something with a mic preamp but it probably wouldnt work out too well or be too cost effective.

You'll need the speakers that will handle the output of everything and a power amp to drive the speakers.
Powered mixers normally given in PA kits will have everything you'll need in a nice package at a lower price than buying all separate gear to get this to work.

So the best way overall to go is with a PA kit like what I posted before.

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