hey! My guitarist's wah is broken, and after inspecting it from the inside, it seems that this cap is broken. Now after lookingat schematics, i wasn't really able to figure out which one it is, so could someone tell me what it is?

The one that the rusty screwdriver is touching...

thanks guys!

oh, btw, it's a recent crybaby model GCB-95
Err....how do you know it is broken? Did you measure it or have you found any visual clues that brought you to this conclusion?
Anyway; if your diagnosis is correct, why not simply replace it? Knowing exactly what it does in this particular circuit is not really important.
Or did I misunderstand your question?
no, i just wanna know which value it is. It's broken cause one of the 'legs' is completely detached. The problem is that i can't figure out what value it is...