OK so I am getting an Orange TT, the only problem is that I wont be able to buy the matching cab ujst yet. But not to fear ! I have speaker cabs that I could use the only problem is that i dont know if the two cab would hook up to the head and I dont know if it will sound good. Please help UG

The Cab are about as tall as me Im 5'9
just make sure the imedances match (i believe a TT is 16 ohms).
the size of the cab doesn't matter, at all
What are they, PA bins or something?

Their height isn't as important as their ohm rating. You want a minimum of 8 ohms to plug into one of the 8 ohm inputs on the TT. 16 ohms is better.

You'll probably sound better going thru a guitar cab, but any port in a storm.
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It is possible to use the TT at 8 ohms, but it's reccomended that you use it at 16
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^^^ oh i didn't think of that, if they're HiFi speakers you could ruin them by playing fairly loud.
they can't handle the heavy volume, lots of mids and the heavy sound peaks.
if you don't play too loud, it would be fine (but don't shoot me if it isn't )

if you really want a cab, avatars are recommended a lot here.
forget the cab you have now then (if they're HiFi speakers, cause low fidelity speakers would be fine)

avatar cabs would be your best bet i think.
or you could make one yourself.
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Can anyone recomend a good cab then for about I don't know 200 ??? (US Dollars)

You can get a 1x12 from Avatar Speakers for $199 plus shipping. That includes your choice of some decent speakers (Hellatone 30, Hellatone 60, Hellatone 60L, Celestion Greenback , Celestion Classic Lead 80, Celestion G12H30 , Celestion G12T75, Celestion G12T100, Celestion Vintage 30).

Excellent budget cabs. Otherwise, scour the used market.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.