Hey, lately i've been wanting some better distortion that I could use with my tube amp for those times that i want to play metal/high gain lead type of thing. And I can get some good tones with my bad monkey and eq but the bad monkey isn't exactly great for metal and I usually have to crank my amp a lot resulting in some noise from the pedal with it cranked. So what i want is a distortion pedal that is pretty high gain and similar to the metal models on the cube amps. I kno usually you want an od with a tube amp but I just really want a distortion pedal so I can play metal easier and am not gonna buy a mesa. Basically a distortion pedal with high gain lead sounds is the type of thing i'm looking for and i'm looking to spend under 100 bucks. But any recommendations at all are helpful.
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try a DS-2 maybe not the most metal-sound but it got a great OD/Dist
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Hows the death metal sound. I heard its not too great.

sounds go awful...what kind of amp do you have?
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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Boss Metal Zone or Boss Metal Core (got the Metal Core and it eats any other Boss distortion pedal for breakfast, amazing for metal). Metal Core for thrash, progressive, nu-metal, alternative metal, melodic death metal etc. Metal Zone for black metal (if you turn down the low and the highs all up).
Screw the Digitech and ESPECIALLY the Boss pedals. EHX Metal Muff all the way
I'd go Behringer V-amp simulator.

No pedal or v-amp will touch the real thing, but you may as well have a bunch of different sounds at your fingertips.

You'll find uses for a sim later, too. They're great in the studio, or even just laying down a good, clean scratch track. That's what I use mine for, just plug and record without fussing over anal tone issues. Worry about that once the song is written. Build the pyramid.

Distortion pedals are a waste, imo.
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whats this v amp simulator? I thought behringer wasn't too good quality. Is that like a modeler preamp? And i'm pretty sure i do want a distortion pedal. ^^

metal muff definately if youre on that budget.

I was thinking about the metal muff because so many people on ug recommend it. But I don't know if its really just for br00tal metal rhythm with lots of bass because what I want is more of a high gain sound that could be good for rhythm or lead.
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Hmm, i the full metal jacket does look cool but I think a little too expensive. Right now i'm leaning towards the nano metal muff since i don't need the tone controls or top boost, but i wonder if it still sounds like the regular metal muff.
And anyone tried the MXR pedals? The doubleshot is on sale for 80 bucks. And the silver dragon does look good but I does the tube in there actually make a difference or is it just a gimmick like in the vox modellers?
Ok, so looking at more pedals, I think i've narrowed my choices down to the Metal muff, Rocktron silver dragon, and then I started looking at the MI Audio crunchbox but I was wondering if anyone knows about this pedal. It seems like it would be good for hard rock definitely but there doesn't seem like too much info on it i guess.
Try a metal muff. Its very easy to get the right gain with it. The top boost on it really is the best part, in my opinion. Top boost takes makes everything crisp and articulate.

Boss and Digitech metal zone, death metal, ect.. dont really sound that great to me. I really dont think I would want the pedal if someone wanted to give it to me for free.

The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to just try them out. If it sounds like what you want then buy it.
I may get the metal muff I just wish my local guitar store stocked more pedals because they hardly ever have anything i want to buy. But I saw this website http://www.pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com/Distortion_s/47.htm
and there are some really cool pedals that seem good there, like this http://www.pedalspluseffectswarehouse.com/AMT_Electronics_California_Sound_p/amt-cfs.htm
And then of course there's the option to make a BYOC shredder argh so many options!