HI, I've been planning on getting a new electro/acoustic guitar, and i've got a few in mind that i'm gonna try out soon. But I also want to know a bit more first about the guitars before i go out and buy it, just in case.

So, the three guitars i would like to check out are :
Ibanez EW-20WNE
Washburn EA - 16

Washburn EA - 18

The website is just for the picture (and/or details if you needed them).
I've played washburns before, but i think they were the really expensive ones, but i found them really good. I've always liked the look of Ibanezs, and i thought they were good looking (the one i've picked above also looks pretty good), my friend who owns one told me they are reliable and sound great.

I would appreciate it if anyone who has played these guitars, or has one of them or has some advice could please say! And please remember i am going to try these out, so don't have a go at me at saying i shouldn't go by looks or whatever.

I haven't played any of the models that you mention, but my advice would be (as you're already planning) play them.

Solid spruce top is key, and make sure you get a quality pickup like Fishman or something with an eq, and play it plugged in as well as not.

I have a Dean performer E and hate it....thin sound, buzzes/vibrated just looking at it.

Since buying it I've been looking for something new and the Ibanez's in the $400-700 range all sound rich and full, even the "electric guitar" style bodies.

Martin has a killer acoustic for $699 but I don't think it is elec/acoustic.

Have fun...wish I was shopping for a guitar.
I would advise that you buy a used Takamine or Alvarez with a solid top, otherwise you'll need to spend at least another 50-100 pounds for a decent new guitar.
Yeah, basically you need to have a solid spruce top (must specifically state SOLID wood in the specs at this price range, otherwise you cann safely assume that its not. Also its not solid if it says special or select or any crap like that)
And yeah Ibanez's do look nice, but theyre not really that great value for money.
Take a look at the Alvarez AD60SC if oyu want a cheap acoustic electric, those links you posted didnt work but i had a quick look and it should be around your price range. If i was going to buy a cheap acoustic electric i would buy it without thinking twice, its a fantastic guitar
Are Piezo pickups any good? I've never heard of them before, but i haven't heard of a lot of things so i was wondering. I was looking at a westfield and pickup description read "Under bridge saddle piezo pickup with 4 band pre-amp system built-into the body with Digital Tuner.
yeah, piezo is what is used in all under saddle and under bridge pickups so thats basically every factory acoustic guitar pickup out there.