So I've done quite a bit of research on the forums and a few other sites and have narrowed down my choices to these two amps. Although I like the gain on the Randall RG50TC, I felt it would be worth it to spend a bit more for versatility. So my question is, which does better with high gain? Its sorta hard to tell from youtube clips.

Note: I know I could find a used 5150 combo on ebay for around the same price, but this is going to be a 21st birthday present from my parents. Ebay is not really an option.
You really need to listen to these amps in person rather than rely soley on others' opinions, since so much of this has to do with what YOU like. I tried a B-52 at Guitar Center. It has a unique sound that some may really like, but it wasn't for me. Also, it felt like it needed more gain. If you like metal, you would simply LOVE a 5150. If possible, I would MAKE Ebay an option!

By the way, where have you found the RG50TC for sale? I was looking for an RG50T head, and couldn't find one anywhere. It's as if they have been discontinued. Don't get me wrong, the B-52 sounded really good, it just wasn't exactly for me. I have a 6505 now, and I'm ridiculously happy with it ("darker," more gain). But, you really have to hear it for yourself. Is there somewhere you can get to that has a B-52?
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i play metal, jazz, blues and pop punk i would absolutly love a 5150/6505. if that helps you out at all.
I haven't played either. but from what I've heard in word and seen in videos, the general things I've heard is that the Carvin MTS is built like a tank. it has a great clean channel, but lacking in the overdrive department. the B-52 leaves some people dissappointed in the gain department as well, but doesn't boast a great clean channel and is apparently built quite cheaply.

someone mentioned the 5150. you should strongly recommend it to your parents.

there's also the Carvin V3, which the head goes for 1G new, and you can find used ones for under than on eBay. it has 3 channels and quite a bit of gain. probably not 5150 amounts, but more than the B-52 or MTS. just a thought. plus it looks cool.
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