Does anyone know of any good and kinda hard songs to fingerpick? i want to work on that aspect of my playing and i can't really find any. i'm talking about songs like neon by john mayer or anything cool like that. thanks in advance
Paul Gilbert
Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
John Petrucci
try something by John 5. he does that country shredding kind of thing its actually pretty cool
Check out John Martyn's 'May You Never', fantastic fingerpicking song. There's a few clips on You Tube try the one from The Old Grey Whistle Test from the 70's and just watch him do his magic (I'm sure he does most of the song with his eyes shut!). Tabs are in good supply, I can do about a 90% decent version, quite tricky but sounds great. Good luck.
not that hard but a cool song nonetheless

gotta tune to open c but it's worth it

You could try tackling this

if you try all 3 they should keep you busy, they're listen in order of difficulty btw
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Andrew York's "Marley's Ghost" or "Andecy"

I bow to anyone that can play them...(entirely)
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