setting that will make a line 6 spider II head sound good?
i recently got it. and I am really dissapointed.

so if someone could help me out.
that would be great.

dont bash on it. i dont like it either.
the off switch
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I like them.

But I guess if it dosen't suit you your gonna have to sell it and get something else.
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with the spider 2 (my friend has one, so im not sure exactly which setting is which, so fool around with it a little) i put it on the metal setting... i think the red one, turn the bass and treble all the way up, put the mids at about half, turn the drive all the way up and use the hidden drive boost thing, and add a little reverb for a pretty good metal sound. for solos, keep the same setting, use the neck pickup, and add some delay and it becomes really cool. and hey, if it doesnt work out, feel free to send it my way.
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I can't see Jimi approving of this.

Me neither, due to him not being alive and all.
meh...not really. low volumes I suppose. low enough that you can barely hear it and you have to use your imagination on how it sounds.

seriously, these amps are horrible for anything more than a practice amp in your room.
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ide probably use it to gig with later on.
but for right now just band practices.
i play more classic rock or heavy rock or metal i guess.

budget would probably be around 300 - 400 bucks
yeah. but it would be tough selling the head alone since nobody wants it. haha
a valve combo? could you give me some specs on those?
ive never heard of them.
or send me a link to a site.
Well, a tube/valve amp (same difference) is an amplifier powered by tubes.
Not a brand

A combo, as I'm sure you know, is an amplifier where the speakers and the amp share the same cabinet housing.

A couple of tube combo that might work out for you would be...A B-52 AT-112 and a Randall RG50TC.

Actually, the Randall RG50TC comes in head form. Check that out.
ah gotcha.
haha thanks. i knew what tube amps were.
i just didnt know they were also called valve amps too.
haha my bad.

and thanks man. ill look into those.
i just went on guitar center and saw an epiphone valve junior for just over 100 bucks.
it has great reviews.
anybody know if those are good amps?