Poll: Uberschall or K-tre?
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Bogner Uberschall
4 40%
Rivera K-tre
6 60%
Voters: 10.
I'm in between two amp heads to choose from.

the Bogner Uberschall, or Rivera Knucklehead Tre.

I was going for bone crushing distortion. both of these seem to have the goods. but which one gets the edge? a Bogner dealer is 90 minutes from me, so I can go check them out. but it's a 5 hour drive to nearest Rivera dealer. so what's the opinion?
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If you don't mind the drive, go for Rivera.
It's much better imo.
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If you're going to commit that much cash for any amp, I'd try them both. Extensively & loud.
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I've heard the Uberschall has reliability issues.
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I've heard the Uberschall has reliability issues.

I heard that in another thread once. but that was just that one time. other people say it's built like a tank. I suppose it's a case by case situation. which I can understand.
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