Hi guys !

I use this pick from Ibanez :


but everytime I play fast the picks from Ibanez fray so fast and I have to take a new. By reason I don´t have the money to buy permanent new picks.
So how I asked in the title, do you know picks which don´t fray so fast ?

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A Dunlop Tortex 1mm or 1.33 mm?


get the yellow ones for speed
or the purple 1.35 if you wanna be like slash
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A Dunlop Tortex 1mm or 1.33 mm?

+1 on the totex 1mm's
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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i get custom ones made from Intune guitar picks..theyre great..never had one problem with them and they dont cost a ton of money to get made..
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I like to sharpen them and go to people i hate and scrape them on peoples faces.

Am I bad? :/
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As almost everyone have and will recommend you, just get some Dunlop ones. Personally I use 0.88mm Tortex.
any tortex wont break. srongests picks ever made. i think i have a .60 mm from a year ago
Jazz III's are pretty much the **** for fast picking. They never break, they just get dull. They might be too small for some people, though.
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Dunlop Ultex are my favorites.
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Vpicks man.... V Picks are the way.
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i am in a metalcore band... so there are countless parts in songs where i have to cross pick like mad... i used to use fender pearloid pick and i would crack one of those a day

i bought a pack of red tortex's (the thinnest ones) and i have yet to break one.
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Tortex picks all the way. I have some from like a year and a half ago that I still use. Granted, the tip is just beginning to bend, but hey. Nothing's perfect.

On a serious note though.... get Tortex. 60mm through 1mm are excellent. I've used the lighter ones, and they are only good for acoustic....

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Dunlops are all good, none of them wear very fast. The Nylons and Tortexs especially.
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