I need to take apart my Hot Rod (it's not working, but I think it's just a loose wire or something - hopefully). I can take the back off, but I can't take the circuit board off, since I think the knobs keep it in place.

Is there any easy way to take this apart? I'm sure there has to be. I've tried pulling off the knobs, but they're really tight on there.

Thanks in advance!
oh cool i've never seen that pedal before..

um, well just take every screw out possible as well as the knobs, and then the nuts and washers
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Did you check to see if there's any tiny set screws on the sides of the knobs that may be holding them in? If no set screws are present, the knobs should be able to be pried off safely.
Good luck.
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Nope, no set screws, and the knobs are really hard to take off. I'll try to slowly pry them off.
looks like a boss pedal build to me and since I've been inside a DS1 ill walk you though now it was opened.

- bottom plate had 4 screws, one at each corner...remove them

- hinge has two screws...one per side and a nylon washer per side, remove those

(at this point you should be bagging and marking the location of each set of screws you remove)

- pop the knobs straight up and using a socket set, remove the nuts from the POTs. (using a flat head screwdriver to get the plastic knobs off works wonders)

- remove the nuts and washers from the jacks at the sides of the pedal.

At this point the pedal should be falling apart.
^That's pretty much how it comes apart. On a pedal like that, though there really arn't many "wires", most of the connections are on a circut board. Check the jacks and bettery leads, they're most likely the first parts to fail.
Thanks for your help Moody and Spine!

Opened it all up (knobs came off easily with a screwdriver), and it all looks fine. One thing though, on the circuit board, there seems to be a little chip on one of the parts. It says: JM33AC LM2374M -3.3 P4. The chip doesn't seem to interfere with anything though.

Any ideas? I'll take a picture of the board and pedal if that would help.

Thanks in advance!
Sorry to go a bit off topic, but is this pedal generally regarded as a bad or good pedal? I saw one for 30 bucks on ebay too. And I was thinking of picking it up.
On topic: maybe try using a magnifying glass to check out the circuitry. There may be a hard to notice short that you could solder back in.
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You can always try bending the prongs on the jacks a bit, to make sure they're solidly contacting the cable lead.

Just an idea...you can take the circut board and seperate it completly from the case, then plug everything into the just the board with the battery/powersupply all connected and everything. Cut on your amp, and strum a chord. Play around with every knob, switch, and jack on the pedal while the chord is ringing, and listen for crackles, breaks in the signal, and such like that. If, for example, the signal cuts out every time you jiggle the AC jack, that's most likely your problem. But that's just my method. If you're not comfortable poking electronics while they're wired up, don't!

Edit: ^It's a solid pedal, but the DF7 is probably a better value, flexability wise. All in all...it's like a flexable DS-1. Not going to knock anyone's socks off, but it's not going to make you vomit. I ended up selling mine, because it was boring, not bad.

Edit Edit: Ironically enough, I got mine for $30 too. For $30, it's a good buy if you want a simple push-button-for-distortion-box.
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Any more suggestions? It makes a slight buzzing, crackling sound when I plug it in. I use a battery and a 9V adaptor, or either of them separately.
I'm not sure what the problem is.
a clear pic of that chip is helpful to me.

It sounds great to my ear...I may pick one up for my rig.
for $30 its worth just buying it to have on your rig.


edit, that chip with "LM2374M" printed on it comes up on my data sheet site as an adjustable voltage regulator chip. If IC chips are chipped and/or broken most of the time they will need to be replaced with a new one.....not a everyday DIY soldering project type thing as ICs heat and a burn out easily so someone with a good soldering iron and good skills should be the one replacing it.

you could try an audio probe...they are easy to make and will let you trace the circuit to make sure its all working properly.
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Quote by BGSM
Any more suggestions? It makes a slight buzzing, crackling sound when I plug it in. I use a battery and a 9V adaptor, or either of them separately.

Open it up and check all soldering joints on the jacks and circuit board any everywhere that has soldering. Look for any imperfections and post here if you have found any and need help fixing it.
My camera can't take a good picture of the chip, but if that's the voltage regulator that would explain the crackling noise.

I've attached a picture of it anyway, it's at the top right of the circuit (about 4/5ths the way across), you'll see a tiny black dot on a rectangular thing, that lets you know the size of the chip. It JUST goes to the back of the black layer, and theres a tiny pin hole going through it and I can see a tiny bit of silver stuff (probably solder behind the part).

You'll have to zoom in on the photo, sorry for the big size and the crappy flash (couldn't see it otherwise).

Thanks for all your help! I think I'll take it into my guitar teachers place next time I go in, as they do repairs.

And are these parts easy to get replacements of, at places like Jaycar and Dick Smith Electronics?

Just for size reference. I'll take it in on Wednesday to see if they could fix it.
100% digital with proprietary digitech technology. with the x-series usually, once they're dead, they're dead. hope you have some warranty.
and to whoever asked, back in the day the hotrod was a joke. about as hated as the metalzone is here at this point in time.
Nope, off eBay. Worked when he sent it out... apparently. I'll try and get my money back if I can't fix it.
cant tell much from the pic, the flash is getting the table, next time remember to angle your shot so the light from the flash isn't picked up so much in the shot.

if your teacher can't get it going i say contact the eBay seller for a refund. Usually if you are nice about it all they will give you a full refund, (minus shipping...).