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Hey everybody, my band is going into different genres, trying to find our talent, our new song is piano oriented and will have acoustic guitar on it soon, theres just a little electric in it right now, check it out and please tell us your thoughts.

very familiar chord progression but the point is i didn't automatically say "oh thats from (insert popular chord progression frequently ripped off" singer has a good voice and the piano also sounds quite good. I am just sick to death of people writing wishy washy songs about how much pain they are in. I kno most use it as an outlet but it usually creates more bad then good by inflicting that pain on an un expecting audience.
but hey everyone is different
yea well kiss my ass jackass when ur significant other dies in a car crash then come talk 2 me if u dont like the music then dont listen to it
"check it out and please tell us your thoughts."

if you don't want to here my opinion then don't ask for it, and dont worry i won't listen to it ever again (thankgod) the only reason i did expand my boundaries into emo is because you asked me to. if you can't handle critisism then get the hell off the internet and stop posting ur lame ass songs. the world will be better for it.

You can't ask for feedback, and then throw it back in the person's face when you don't hear what you want to.

lmao ****ing funny(not the car accident)

jackle & hide much?
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woah, ya, that was my drunken friend that wrote that last night. He has had a lot happen in his life, sorry all. Thanks for the opinions, keep them coming.
I'd say keep on searching genres, cause I you haven't found the right one yet. I get the feeling you use a drummachine.

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Ya, i cant get my mics to pic up my drums worth sh**, i am actually a great drummer, especially on the double bass, i just cant get them eq'd right