This is science.
This is the absolute truth,
My will transforms into fact
This is learning.
Your skull smashed open, eating my thoughts
Teach you the meaning of tact

You cannot argue with what I provide,
I give you the world in its perfect iteration
Reality is malleable substance
It molds and it bends beneath the weight of my intent

This is silence.
Echoes of dead worlds I've erased
Cast forth into the abyss
No resistance.
There's nothing real to stand in my way,
I decide if you exist.

You cannot argue that my doing is wrong.
I gave you your words, inadequate in meaning
The human mind, in redefinition;
Useless and weak, full of thoughts you cannot speak.

This is beauty,
This massive earthly canvas of mine.
All boundaries have been shed.
This is endless,
My boundless, sprawling infinty.
I tell you, you are the dead.

You are the dead.
It's okay, but cliched. That's one thing i find that songwriters have a hard time with: getting out of the cliched rut. Now everything is about death/violence or love/lack thereof. some artists are doing okay with politics in the mix.

anywho, your song isn't bad, it just isn't standout.
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I think that the straightforwardness with which you wrote the lines made the style boring rather than authoritative (I assume you were going for the latter). I like the idea, I wouldn't at all say it's been done to death- and even if it were there are still good ways to write about it. I definitely like your concepts- sprawling earthly canvas, a world in perfect iteration, malleable reality. I just suggest rethinking the structure of your sentences. They all seem to be "Noun verb noun." Some variation, some ambiguity, would be nice I think.
I agree with blu_flame34, you could retune the sentence structure slighty.

I actually enjoyed the straightforwardness. I think it made the story come across much better.
I actually think that the authoritative nature behind the structure enhanced the feel, especially if you were going for a 1984 kind of feel, where one is told what to feel and what to think.