Peavey ValveKing 112 or Fender Blues Junior?

they both seem to be great combo amps but idk which would be better for my style. I play blues and metal (and everything in between)
They are similarly priced and rated on musicians friend, so which would be better suited for me? Thanks for the help!

(btw I will be trying to get to guitar center to try them asap, the nearest is about an hour away)
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Personally I'd go with the Valveking, I tried the Blues Jr and didn't like it very much, but it may just have been the model I tried (ex-display)
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I haven't had any first hand experience with the ValveKing so I can't comment much, but I've played a Blues Junior and it's an awesome amp, it's alright for metal but you may not get the exact tone you're looking for, but go for it none the less.
i'd go with the valveking for what you want.
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