It's really small (1-2 watts or something like that) so turning it up loud is a no-no.
Other than that it's a really awsome amp for it's price. I'm using one since I'm saving for an Engl Screamer and it suits my metal needs quite nicely.
1. Yes it is
2. For it's price you're not gonna find a better amp with decent tone. I like it.
1) Yes!
2) Bedroom only though!
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[quote="'[P|E|R|S|O|N"]']Some questions:
1. is it worth $125? (i know this has been asked a lot)
2. is there anything bad about it? ive only really heard good things..


its worth it for practice but if you want to run pedals at all get something else as this modeling amp does not like them.
the on board FX sound great though.

dont max this amp out because the speakers are said to be easy to blow out...
the amp does get very loud for the tiny wattage its rated for.

overall i say go for it, you wont be disappointed.