Recently my B-52 AT-112 tube amp has been giving me a lot of static and hiss on the clean channel but it sounds superb on the overdrive channel. The things i have done to try to fix it are:

-Tried 3 different guitars

-Tried multiple amp cables

-Changing my sound settings such as treble, middle, bass, and volume

I have no idead why it would be doing this only on the clean channel. I have only had this amp for 5 months. I love the amp to death and cant afford a new one so please only give suggestions on what would be wrong. I dont think its the tubes because if it was then it would most likely be hissing and static on both channels.

Could still be tubes. Buy one preamp tube, and swap them out one by one.

Have you tried it at someone else's house or something? Could just be something in the wiring of your houe.
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I will try plugging in the amp somewhere else. Also when i was just unplugging the power wire i noticed that the prongs on the end were a little bent. Would that possibly cause this?