wat are some good songs to use a capo on????


what are some good songs that use capo usually??
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Capos are used to change the key of a song. If you think a song sounds better with capo on fifth fret put it there. If you can't sing so low down, you might want to capo on fret 3. Just examples, not saying you MUST do it like that.

Just play around.
Tune to an open G , bung a capo on 5th and play romeo and jusliet by dire straits

or for standard tuning capo 1st 5:15am by mark knopfler, capo 3rd boom like that, mark knopfler

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i think the song snow (hey oh) uses a capo
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lol wonderwall! just had to be said!
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Harrison used a capo on the 7th for Here Comes The Sun
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old crow medicine show - wagon wheel
oasis - wonderwall
bob seger - pretty much every song (i.e. night moves, mainstreet)
damien rice - cannonball
deep blue something - breakfast at tiffanys
dave matthews - stay or leave
the beatles - penny lane
coldplay - fix you
tonic - if you could only see
third eye blind - how's it gonna be
simon & garfunkel - sound of silence
the fray - how to save a life
the fray - over my head
matchbox 20 - 3AM
fleetwood mac - never going back
fleetwood mac - landslide

those are the ones i can think of right now. if i think of any more i'll post em.
Definately Wonderwall and Here Comes the Sun lol

Very easy to learn, sound great and are instantly recognizable!
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Fire and Rain by James Taylor
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i think the song snow (hey oh) uses a capo

There is a tab written for it like that but its not the way john plays it . Anyway, walk on the ocean by Toad the Wet Sprocket is great.
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Johnny CAsh- In MY Life
Fleetwood MAc- Landslide
Bruce Springsteen- Atlantic City
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Pretty much every Jethro Tull song ever -- "Thick as a Brick," and the acoustic bridges off Aqualung are personal favorites.
Basically any song can use a capo. Someone mentioned Elliott Smith which is funny because he always played detuned down to D. That means if you want to play any of his songs in standard tuning, you better use a capo!

Artists also use capos for covering songs, so their vocal range is more effectively accompanied by the guitar. It doesn't hurt to experiment with all the songs you play, and see what sounds best. Some songs you can throw up to the 7th or 8th fret and they'll sound totally different but really good.
Like most of the guys said, the capo is used to change the key of a song to something you can sing with. Say you learned a bluegrass song in "G" with all the standard bluegrass licks....But you can't sing in "G". ( I do this all the time)
Also, you can get certain effects with the capo; a bright, tinkly sound by playing with the capo on upper frets and singing an octave lower.
As you move the capo up the neck, the distortion produced by clamping the strings strongly enough to prevent buzzing increases; you may have to re-tune.

Another clever item is the "third hand" capo. This has 6 rotating rubber discs so you can clamp only the strings you want. Instant open tunings... You can use two at a time for more advanced tunings.
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