Hello everybody! Come and check my band acloneofmyown from Ukraine, where I play bass. Any of your opinions about our music will be appreciated, even if they're negative. Here's our official press-release:

acloneofmyown band was formed early 2005 in Rivne, Ukraine, when bass-player Alex "f.ox-s" Stratonov and drummer Sergiy "Crown" Myronchuk, being working with their solo electronic projects at that time, decided to create a rock-band. After a short-term search two guitar-players were discovered - Nick "Kilya" Verbovskii and Dmytro "Indi.UK" Synevych.

Band's first release "(live) Sick Sad Dreams EP" was recorded in 2005 on the indie lable "Ska-N-Dal Records". Shortly afterwards Kilya leaves the band. At the start of 2006 acloneofmyown became a creators of rock-festival "KUROCK" which consisted of 12 concerts featuring over 40 bands from Ukraine, USA, France, Canada, Czech Republic and Germany. acloneofmyown for themselves stood as the headliners in lots of concerts within the bounds of "KUROCK" and other cities of Ukraine. Band's second release "Elements EP" was recorded on their own studio "Clone Records" lately being transformed into "GreenHouse Records", in 2006. Promo video was shot for the song "Tulips".

Band's debut long-play "The Room" was released on September 22-nd, 2007. Guitar-player Vova "Shoutbox" Zakharov joined the band during the recording session for the new album.

Band members for themselves characterize their music as the early examples of emo combined with British rock and a touch of punk and alternative.

The latest band's release "The Room" can be downloaded for free on Last.fm
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'cause I'm the one who plays bass there - second from the left on the photo... )
Why didn't you say it was your band then...? I kept thinking you were just advertising for someone else.
Sorry, I've looked the "Promote Your Band Forum Rules & FAQ" after I've created the thread. The first post is only an official press-release, which I always put on forums... Sorry once more. If it's needed, I can change the first post to suit the rules...
It's okay, just at first I was like WTF?! THIS ISN'T YOUR BAND!

Don't change the first post, just edit it and put below: ps. this is my band or something so people arn't like WTF? like I was.
Guitarfreak777, done!

Here you can watch the band's official video for the "Self-Destructive" song from "The Room" album.
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Guitarfreak777, done!

Here you can watch the band's official video for the "Self-Destructive" song from "The Room" album.

I shall check it out!
It's been a long time Here's an update if someone's interested:
“acloneofmyown” is a DIY rock band from Rivne, Ukraine. Founded by Sergei Myronchuk (drums) and Alexander Stratonov (bass guitar) in 2005. Current band’s line-up also features Vladimir Zakharov (guitar) and Dmitry Khitry (guitar). The band released three EPs and two studio albums. Their newest record - “Persephone EP” was released on August 1, 2011.

And some links if you want to check us out (all of our tracks are free to download):


As always, we'll appreciate your every comment. Thanks for your time.