Hey Guys!

Normally we play shock-rock but this time we decided to do something acoustic.

It's the first song we wrote. I don't say it is completly done. but hell, we do have some serious problems with getting a break/bridge in there. we just can't find anything that fits.

if you have any ideas: you're welcome.

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i think thats a dead link, or something.
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Hey Hey sorry for the late crit back
Bit busy...

Thanks for your crit man...

Ok your song...

I really DO like the guitar... relaxed and well played!
(And that's just my opinion and that's just... my problem )
I don't really like the vocals (they do remind me a bit of Pearl Jam...) but well.. it's just not the kind of vocals I like... but like I said, that's nothing to worry about
And... there aren't many ... changes in the song...
It's couplet/chorus/couplet/chorus/couplet/chorus (and a very small bridge in the middle) but nothing suprising... but on the other hand... it's not really a song where many breaks and interesting parts would fit, it's kinda emotional.

Overall: Well done!
yea i like the vocals

sounds pretty good.

i like the guitar

overall 8/10
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yea, like i said before. we realy have problems with finding something that fits, withoud destroying the melancolic kinda vibe. We have tried out with outro solos and stuff, but it woud just destoy the whole atmosphere

I know the voice is always something you can discuss about. Some like it, some not (that's not a reason to apologize for. it's your personal opinion.)
personally i like the voice. maybe because i've listened to this song like 1'000 times. the voice is just something different.
If you start a duscussion about W. Axl Roses' voice you will also gett damn many different opinions :-D