On my sheet music I am learning it says EbPed. What does Ped mean and what is the fingering for the chord? Thanks.
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No, actually "Ped" refers to a pedal tone, a notation that's left over from the church music. It refers to the pedals on a pipe organ.

Much of musical theory was born in the Catholic Church circa 1500-1600, around Bach's time.

You know Bach wrote so much music it takes TEAMS of people who devote their lives to its transcription? To copy every note he put to paper requires the full-time attention of like ten people.

Just absolutely sick. Bach rules!!!

...anyway, enough about that hack. Pedal tones just mean tones that keep on going even though chords are changing. A good example is a lot of metal riffs, where you get about 80 trillion "00000000000000000" on the low e with other stuff going on in between, or above it.

Often a low e will span two or three chords, or even whole songs.

Eb ped means you've tuned down a half step, and the low e (eb) goes:

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