I've been learning guitar for about 4 months and im pretty proficient with my open chords and barre chords as well as knowing a few scales. As well I can intros and main riffs to some of my favourite songs like Sweet Child of Mine and No one Knows. But I have trouble working out the timing for learning the whole song from tabs and when I do it never sounds right, does any one have any tips to help me learn a whole song?

In addition could any one give me any pointers on what I could learn next or improve on to help further my playing?

Thanks in advance.
you have to listen to the song over and over while reading and playing the tab. it helps you get the timing if you dont already know it. programs like guitar pro and power tab help a lot. maybe pick out some more challenging songs that you like and learn them bit by bit. thats how i got to where i am now.
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You should try playing to a metronome, or jamming to the song your learning. I always do it so I can check on what I'm doing wrong also compared to the track so I can improve. If you don't want to get a metronome, just tap your feet in a consistent time, headbang(softly!) in a consistent time, or work something out that you're comfortable doing to help your timing. Timing is very crucial.
Use audacity to import the mp3, slow it down with the tempo changer. It won't sound very pretty or correct but you'll get the general gist of the notes, then you can speed up little by little.
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Yeah I use powertabs for this sort of stuff. Get the song you want, and then play along with the powertab as its playing. Change the tempo to whatever is comfortable and best for you so that you can play it without mistakes. And SLOWLY OVER TIME increase the tempo and you'll be shredding like Slash in no time.
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