So I just decided to start playing my lil bros guitar he had just collecting dust. I'm not sure where to start. I do have some musical background, used to play the flute in the 5th grade and play in a handbell choir now so I can read music a little. I was told to start by learning to play chords, getting a beginner book at Guitar Center. Anybody have any other suggestions?
And the most bestest aproach is practice some playing.

Sorry, I had to do it . First, learn some easy songs. Use the tab archive to look up tabs for some easy songs like Smoke Over The Water. Practice and search around here for some exercises and licks to practice. Gradually move on to something harder. A lot of AC/DC songs are easy to play.
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You know what I did? I learned a song that was considered hard to me at the time. So I learned Stairway To Heaven. Took a few months to almost perfect the whole song (exclude solo) but I improved BIG TIME from learning the song.