Hi, i'll be really succinct about this

I'm recently bought the lexicon omega recording studio and I need some advice to get the following basic functionality out of it with directions for the wiring and software:

1. Having music and my guitar coming through my headphones so I can play along late night.

2. Taking advantage of the apparently fantastic reverb and other effects available while having the above situation in...effect. I need some direction with the cubase software, I can access the control panels but not get any of it to affect my guitar

That's all for now, recording isn't a priority yet. Finally, i'm confused by reading that this software bypasses the soundcard, when the instructions direct me to use it...I hope I don't need to, i've got terrible fidelity that way, the main reason I bought this kit!

Thank you all in advance!

Ive been working with the Omega for about a year and a half now and I'll see if I can help you out. To have your guitar and audio come through your headphones, just plug in a pair of headphones into the bottom right 1/4 trs input on the front of the unit, make sure your bottom right konb is turned halfway between monitor and direct and then turn the volume up on the bottom right knob. If you don't want any other audio to come out just make sure you dont have any monitors or speakers plugged in.

Now to use the reverb, just open any project in cubase, click devices on the top menu then go to your mixer, click on the button that has an e on it to open your equalizer. Now on the right side you will see your send effects and on the left side you will see you insert effects, they will be labeled "No Effect", now click on the ones on the left side insert effects to open up a list of effects. Go to lexicon and click on the pantheon. This should open the pantheon window allowing you to adjust your parameters. Now to torn yur reverb on and off, look at the inserts again and you will see a power button thats blue which is what you click to turn it on and off. Now if you do the same thing but with the right side send effects you can also adjust the level of the reverb by dragging the little blue bar underneath the effect name on the send window. Now to here these effects go back to your main page of cubase, on your track next to the red record enable button, you will see a button with a speaker on it that will turn orange when you click it, this is your monitor button. If the button is gray than you will only hear your effects like the reverb on playback, but if its orange you will hear those effects applied to your instrument at the same time you play anything, however there is some latency, that is why there is the option to turn it off.

As for the last part, yes whenever the omega is on, it becomes your computers sound card. I dont know if there Is a way to trn this off, Ive never found one, but I think its better this way because it probably works better as a sound card than most computers sound cards. Hope this helps