I'm thinking of either buying a Squier Standard Tele and a Squier Standard Strat, or just buying a Fender Standard Tele. I already have a Fender Standard HSS Strat. I want to use another guitar for my cleans. I play blues with most influenced by SRV and John Mayer. What do you guys think I should do?

P.S. I'm gunna be running it thru a Epiphone Valve Junior Half Stack

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Standard tele, why would you get two squiers? Quality over quantity.
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Fender Tele.
Get that twang
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Fender Tele.
Get that twang

listen to this guy.
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Tele bridge pup= awesome twanginess; when distorted, searing hot awesome sound
middle position= great for rythym and everything else; again sounds nice with overdrive
bridge pup= awesome low end; very creamy overdrive like milk

Teles all the way man
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