the pickups are a little shiesty, but other than that, it isn't a bad insrument, other than the LFR. I guess. people will try to tell you that BC Rich guitars are all bad quality and gay and whatnot, but they are wrong. some of thme are kickass. It's on eBay, so I guess you can;t try it for yourself. If you could have, I would suggest that
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Looks pretty nice to me, maybe get some different pickups, but that neck joint looks awesome. and that quilt top is pretty nice too.
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Trust me, I know first hand the close-mindedness around BC rich. As long as it's by Rico, it will be a great guitar. In the 80's they were one of the top brands.
As I said they're upping their quality

I'm really impressed with the use of OFR and (supposedly) good pickups on £400 guitars!

But go for which ever you feel will do you better my man!
bbc rich's are pretty nice... as long as they arent "bronce series"
go for that second one. Rockfield mafia pickups are completely badass, sound amazing for anything that uses distortion of any type.
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