Just wondering what the difference were between this and this guitar. Is it worth it getting the cheaper one?
Hi, I'm Mike, and I am a progressive metal nerd.
the first one only comes in black, while the other one comes in any of the other colors. And the black one is a blemished item.
well one is a b-stock epiphone and the other isnt. They both have the same features.
I havnt played one of those before so I cant really compare them, and I really don't know what b-stock means.
I would say go for the expensive one, but its your choice.
I have played both guitars and the higher priced one is better but they still are similar but theres just something about the higher priced guitar go for it.
b-stock or blemished means its most likely got just a scratch or dent in it. probably nothing major or very noticeable. i personally would just get it new for more $. Its a better feeling having something new i think. meh i dont know. I have a les paul though and they sound great. very versatile.