Hello all,

I need advice with broken pegs on my acoustic guitar, which are wedged into the bridge without the ball head. I've tried to get them out by pushing them through and tapping them upwards, but that hasn't worked. What can I do to get them out? =\
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If you can't remove them in the normal method, then there are really no more tricks we can give you. Take it to a guitar tech and have them look at it. They may have to be drilled out, who knows?
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Are the strings still in? If so, push the string into the hole from outside FIRST before trying to pull the bridge pin out. This will help to unlock the ball end of the string which get's wedged between the side of the pin and the bridge plate inside of the guitar. It's really a very simple design, and once you know how it works, you can have much greater success changing strings in the future.
Try a needle nose pliers. Grip the string close to the bridge and try to push it into the hole a little. Once the string is loose, the pin will nearly fall out of the bridge.
Make sure that when it comes time to put a new set of strings on and new bridge pins, that the ball end of the string is not resting on the tip of the pin, but along side it, with the very first part of the string resting in the groove in the pin. You can make a little kink or bend in the string about 1/4 inch from the ball end to help with this. To lock the two together, give a tug on the string as you press the pin into the hole. You don't need to cram it in so tight that you distort the hole in the bridge. Just nice and snug. Then just head on up to the tuners and you should be good to go.
Now then, if the strings are all out, and there's no ball end left inside either, I'd suggest getting a small diameter self tapping screw. A sheetrock screw would work good as it's got a nice sharp point on it. Just make sure it's smaller diameter than the outer diameter of the broken pin. Screw it into the center of the broken pin, then use a pliers to grab the head of the screw and pull out the broken pin. Just use caution not to damage the bridge.
Hope this helps, and good luck.
Thanks for your help guys

I broke off the bottom of the peg inside the guitar too so it was just a little bit of plastic wedged in the whole, not sticking out anywhere, without the string...pretty stupid descision by me =\ But in the end it worked out better, cause I could just stick something in the hole inside the guitar and push it out eventually No raping involved