I go to college at purdue, and last night my roommate decided to have some friends over and drink. So my first thought was, ok, i need to put up my guitar like i always do when we have parties, so i put it away. In the morning, one of my good friends was like dude i have something to tell you, but u need to sit down, so i did. He was like "I went to play your guitar for this girl i was trying to impress, and when i opened the case, the neck was broken." At first i thought it was a sick joke, but then i could tell he was serious. It isnt a nice guitar, but it was my prized posession. It is an Ibanez S470. I bought it new on sale for $500. Does anyone have any idea about how much it will cost to have the fretboard replaced on this model?
If its only fretboard deep and depending on the fretboard wood it could be like 65-120
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i wouldnt believe him. he was prbably drunk and dropped it. do the same thing to him. break HIS neck.
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If it was a bolt-on neck, then you can put a new one on yourself.

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Hes lieing, break his neck. Like someone else said he probably dropped it when he was drunk and trying to spin it or some crap. Guitars necks don't just snap in half while their in the case unless maybe you drop it off a cliff or something...

That being said, take it to a local guitar shop and get a quote there, and make your freind pay.
lol my dad went to purdue, and yea it's a bolt-on, so just buy a neck off ebay, and have him pay for it
Im almost positive it wasnt him that broke it, bc hes well off, and would have just replaced it. Its snapped right where the locking mechanism(floyd rose) is at the top. I dont see how anyone could accidentaly break the neck of a guitar...even by sitting on it. I dont think anyone here would do it out of anger either, so im pretty confused
Lets see they were all drinking and somebody wanted to impress some girl. Yea thats usually a recipe for disaster. Where the head stock and neck meet is about the weakest place and yea sitting on it will break it. Just as banging it into a doorway will do it. But as hes well off he should have no problem replacing the guitar. Or maybe your friend who let him get it out. You did put it away so its not like you made it easily available.
i found a neck on ebay, it says its a wizard II neck with jumbo frets which is what i had before, but it has 24 instead of 22 frets, idk if u can replace it with that or not.
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The neck of my RG570 just broke there too man, so I know where you're coming from. Well, mine isn't quite that bad, it's just a bad crack. You should try doing what I'm going to try to do, get a bit of wood glue and put some in there and then get a clamp and tighten it on that part of the neck. If it hasn't snapped completely off, there's a chance you could repair it yourself that way, if not, you can always get another neck off of eBay. Sorry to hear about it, though.
Oh man, i'm getting flashbacks.......my Taylor Big Baby acoustic got run over by a car, snapped right there, but it broke all the way......

Uh, well, offhand I'd guess that the 24-fret neck won't work......
I don't see why a 24 fret wouldn't work.

And necks just don't snap by them selfs in the case. Make him pay.
24 fret neck might throww off the inotation, or if its a fretboard extension then it would screw ur neck p'up... just make ur friend get u a new neck off of warmoth and make him pay for the neck and extra for taking your guitar
some of you people clearly either have crappy friends or just don't have any at all. if any of my friends told me that my guitar had broken but that they didnt know how and it wasnt them, i'd believe them. because i trust my friends.

anyway, it might be repairable. thats a common break on les pauls isnt it? as long as there isnt any wood actually missing, it might be possible to glue it. and hey, you've got nothing to lose doing that.
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"When I opened the case, the neck was broken" is a classic lie.

How the f*ck do you break a guitar neck by leaving it in a case for a few hours?

I wouldn't trust that as far as I could throw it.
Ask other people that were at the party, see if anyone saw him ****ing with your guitar.
Yeah, im thinking about gluing it. The seller on ebay said that a 24 fret neck would in fact mess up the inotation. I have nothing to loose i guess, im sure it will never be the same no matter what tho. Does anyone have experience gluing guitar necks, or a suggestion of type of glue?
looks like someone stomped on that with their das boot. Sketchy man..u should go private eye on them
yup, looks like someone stood on the case.
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here's a picture tutorial...

there they use white glue, but i think something along the lines of epoxy or titebond 2 might be better for ur problem.

good luck

also check out this discussion on different glues and clamping techniques...

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I have bought several Ibanez necks on Ebay they are price reasonably so getting one should be fairly easy. Set yourself a price you want to pay and try not to go over it. I got two or three necks from National Music on Ebay $20.00 ea plus shipping. I used one on my custom guitar. I really like the Ibanez necks.

I keep all my guitars locked in thier cases. I also don't let anyone touch my guitars unless I hand it to them. I hang over them and watch them like a hawk! I try and keep my guitars as perfect as I can. There are a few used onesI bought that already had some battle scars but I don't want more. When I was gigging I never let my stuff out of my site and then guitars always came home with me I never left them at the studio/rehersal space.

Make him pay for it.
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Dang, that's terrible.. I'm sure it can be replaced. Probably going into your local guitar shop would be best, ask for their advice. They know what they are doing (hopefully). Good luck man i hope it gets fixed for you.
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If I were you I would first ask him to tell the truth or pay for the damage, and if he stuck with his lie, I would promptly kick his ass. (I would give better advice, but I live in Bloomington, Indiana, and I'm an IU fan. :P)
Dont you guys know this thing called trusting your friend? maybe he was telling the truth and some other asshole broke it not him, anyway try going to a luthier, ask if its repairable, and if its not, ebay is a good place to look