Recently Ive decided come December I will be buying myself a new guitar.

I would like a KV2 but I simply cant afford the 2g's right now, plus it has a really bland design, so ive come down to deciding between a few different Rhoads guitars, the RR24 and the RR5.

The only thing that is really effecting my decision is the single pickup of the RR24. The RR24 has an original floyd rose and EMG 81...which is from what ive hear, and in my opinion, far superior to the setup of the RR24, which has 2 Seymour Duncan TB4 humbuckers, but no tremolo/floyd rose.

For me, it seems to be an easy decision between quality, as EMG81's and the floyd rose are great additions to the RR24, but....it only has the bridge pickup.

Ive only played on guitars with 2 pickups, neck and bridge. What will I expect as a difference? It seems to me the neck pickup is the softer less aggressive pickup, whereas the bridge is the aggressive one. Because the RR24 has 1 pickup, will my harmonic spectrum be cut in half? or what? I am self-taught, so my knowledge really only grows when I look into things.

What are your opinions on these two guitars, or even just on the single pickup vs 2 humbucker setups??

please dont respond unless you are experienced and knowledgeable... I know this should be a given, but honestly I dont want a bunch of "Get this, ITS SICK LOOKING". I without a doubt think the RR24 is a better looking guitar, but thats not the question at hand.

ALSO****: Any other suggestions on guitars? these are the only 2 ive seen that strike my fancy....but im open to suggestions. Pleas steer clear of Deans/Fenders as I really dont like either at all. Also dont mention Gibson, as I do plan on getting a custom gibson in the DISTANT future, right now im looking for a fast solo guitar.

Thanks for any input you can give me!
If you are looking into getting a Jackson...i would suggest visiting the Jackson Charvel Forum...great bunch of guys who really know their stuff
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Quote by COBHC728
ESP Alexi Laiho Signature model.

its ugly, and a rip-off of the jackson models. I dont want an alexi replica anyways, I love alexi, but I dont want to have his guitar lol.

plus that doesnt answer my pickup question at all....
Before we go into which guitar would suit you better, we are missing a crucial piece of information. What amp do you have?
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i feel so weird buying such an expensive and quality-dependent item on ebay....

is this common practice?