Say someone is playing in the key of A and I want to solo over that.

Say I want to use the dorian scale. Would the the first note of the dorian mode be an A note or would it be a B note since it's the 2nd mode.

I know this question is kind of unclear, but I hope you see what I mean.
If you start on B it will pretty much sound like an A major scale. If you start on A you get the tonality of the mode.
well that depends.
which dorian do you want?
if you want to use the A dorian scale, (a, b, c, d, e, f#, g, a)
then you'd start on A.
however, if you want B dorian, which has the same notes as A ionian (major) then you'd start on B
(b, c#, d, e f#, g#, a, b)
In the major scale (a.k.a. Ionian mode) Dorian will always be the mode of the second scale degree, Phrygian the III, Lydian the IV, Mixolydian the V, Aeolian (natural minor) the VI, and Locrian the VII.
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Actually, another question to further clarify it.

So I actually could start the scale on A, but i would be stuck with that shape and would only be able to use that scale and its octave right? Using the other modes wouldn't work.
If you are using A dorian it would ahve to be over chords that work with that mode Am,B,C,Dm,Em,F,G
then you can play the notes in any order and any octave as you like and you will be playing A Dorian