so a while ago i purchased an ibanez rg350ex. Amazing guitar for its price but i am having a large problem with the floyd rose system. When i depress the wammy bar even a small amount and then release it sends the string fairly out of tune. but then when i pull the bar up to raise the pitch and then release it back to normal that puts the strings back in tune. If anyone could please tell me how to fix this problem and why its happening it would be highly appreciated, im performing the song "for the love of god" by steve vai in a couple of weeks time and if your familiar with it, it has ALOT of wammmy bar work.
maybe somethings up with you're springs?

from what i hear the ibanex 350 dx with its edge 3 is a terrible guitar, and its not for its price because in australia its still like $1000. SHoulda gotten jackson, sexy as..

But back to you're problem, When you depress it, and then release, how out of tune is it? Is it undertuned, or overtuned. If under, as in Your E sounds like a D, then its prolly the springs. Tighten them. If not maybe you've worn your "knife edge" already. I hear those things on the edge 3 last less than a year
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take a pic of the bridge from the side, its probably is set up wrong

Yeah. I doubt your pivot points are already shot.
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take a pic of the bridge from the side, its probably is set up wrong

almost definetely.

I've got an rg370dx, the edge III worked fine, and still does, and I've seen very similar RGs (like yours) where it's set up wrong.

Look on the ibanez site about the straightness of the bridge, even better, take it to a decent store if possible and get ome professional hands-on advice.

RGs are kick-arse guitars, but you gotta take care of them pretty well to keep them thrashing.
Not that you haven't, it could just be bad luck.
It could be what happens in my guitar, the spring in the back are probably sticking on the wood, then when you pull up they return to normal.

If anyone has any idea how to fix this id be greatfull, like some sort of shim for the steel plate?
Go to a shop and get it set up properly that'll make is stick for a while.
But after that I'd reccomend saving for an OFR to put into that guitar, like I do with everyone wanting/with one of these, it'll do you better in the long run, but you'll easily be able to play one performance with a decent set up on it