Im doing a project guitar starting with a dean ML.
where I am taking down the top wing to a bump where the pickup selector is, to make it
symmetrical. rerouting the pickup selector to the other side like a Les Paul and having a 24fret neck made.
Calling it a MLV

I was looking at starting with a Dime-o-Flage. with a basswood body.
but a guy at guitarcenter told me it would save me $100 if I use a
I looked it up and it says it is made of Paulowina.

Ive never heard of Paulowina.

Is this a decent wood?

Should I spend the money for the Basswood?
I have an ML XM and it's really light, but It dents easily unless thats just the finish.. not sure about that.. but its light ..sorry if I wasn't much help
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The fine grained soft and warp resistant properties also make Paulownia wood exceptionally suited for making wooden surfboards. Tom Wegener, Roy Stewart and more recently "Empress Surfboards" are amongst the shapers who pioneered its use. The resulting surfboards do not need to be glassed unlike Balsa wood.

More recently, it is used as body material for low-cost electric guitars and as the core for lightweight touring skis. It is often used in guitars as the core body, then finished with another kind of wood, such as the Dean ML XM that is made of paulownia as the body but is finished with mahogany.

Copy & paste error earlier.

well my guitar is made of Paulownia, it's probably the lightest wood of all the guitars i have seen at guitar center, but yes it does chip easily.
So it'll basically be like matt heafy's signature gutiar shape then?
Or one of those charvels or a more ronded b.c.rich steatlth/jackson warrior.

Would look nice though, just try and make it a little different than heafy's which was fugly
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