Well I'm getting a Gibson SG (Hopefully) for christmas, and i know it's time to upgrade from my ****ty 10 watt practice amp.

So im wondering as to what i should gt, i know for sure i want a solid state amp. Between 100 and 300 bucks.

I plan on playing doom, drone, sludge, and a little alt rock on it. and something with equally good cleans and such.

Before you say try them yourself, i am. But i want to hav an ida on what to look at.
rightnow i use a crate glx212 120 watt and its never failed me.
if you're going solid state its your best bet
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well, then the Crates are pretty good for the price, but then again, $300 isn't gonna get you that much. You might wanna save up a bit more.

EDIT: actually, if you play metal, the GLX 212 is really good for that price. The other guitarist in my old band used to use it and my friend uses the half-stack version in his band.
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For $300 try a Peavey transtube 110 Efx. Should sound pretty good with the SG. I'd be interested in what you think played against a Vox AD30VT. Especially with an SG because that will be one of my next guitars.
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